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Family Kit Review from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Smart curriculum companies know that a homeschooling mom's time is at a premium. Anything used in the homeschool must be worth the time invested, and all of us want to know that our children are going to be well prepared for the next academic step. And yet, when we are just starting out, it's very difficult to navigate the curriculum waters. How do I know that a particular preschool curriculum will actually prepare my child to take next step? And as a beginning home educator, how can I be confident about teaching my child if I've never taught academics before?

The Pre K Scholars Family Kit provides parents with everything necessary to prepare their child for kindergarten. The step-by-step curriculum is "grab and go," even if you've never taught before. You can literally sit down the first day and know exactly how and what to teach.

The comprehensive, 22-week program kit includes 150+ fully integrated and developed lesson plans that are tabbed for easy use. The child receives an activities binder with instructions, skill completion stickers, and even a pouch pre-filled with scissors, glue stick, ruler, dice, pencil, and sharpener. The parent instructor's guide is jam-packed with activities, reproducible worksheets, and helpful information, such as master supply lists. It also includes a DVD with teaching tips.

Pre K Scholars is a beautiful curriculum as well. Artist Carson Abbert painted "Scholarville," the fictional town where characters representing each letter reside. Baker Bob, Karate Kicking Kim, and Addy the Acrobat are just a few of the people you'll meet as you progress through Scholarville and learn the letters and their sounds. The worksheets are aesthetically pleasing, a particularly nice feature when there are so many ho-hum options on the market.

So what is covered, and how does a parent go about using this curriculum from day to day? Each session starts with the character sounds and motions (Addy Acrobat, Baker Bob, and so forth). It is helpful for children to see the character and perform the motion. You can teach the entire alphabet when you begin the program or just tackle one letter per week; it's entirely up to you.

Scholarville characters, sounds, and motions are reinforced by playing "The Guessing Game" (high quality game cards included in the kit) and using the A-Z Phonics flash cards (also included). Throughout the week, the student completes worksheets designed to be fun, easy, and an enjoyable approach to learning. Once the child has competed the week's letter and work, he or she gets to place a corresponding letter sticker next to the appropriate Scholarville character on either or both of the Scholarville maps provided. I don't know about your home, but in my home stickers are a huge reward for the preschool crowd.

Overall, I think Pre K Scholars has produced a comprehensive kindergarten readiness curriculum, and they have done a lovely job creating a product that is as charming as it is educational.

-Product review by Kendra Fletcher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2010

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I would recommend this program to parents and homeschool teachers who want a comprehensive reading/phonics program that combines computer-based and traditional writing components.



When my daughter was in Kindergarten last year, I was absolutely amazed to discover all the site words the kids were supposed to know by the end of the year. I am thrilled with this [program] as I didn't really know how to begin to prepare him for kindergarten.



What I really love is watching [my son] Cole’s confidence grow as he learns words and letters.



What I like best about this entire program is that you can move along at the pace that best suits your child and that all the lessons and activities are fun and designed to spark your child’s hunger for learning. I love the app because we take the iPad whenever we are the on go and having this app is a great way to entertain your child but to also reinforce what they have learned using the program.



My son is really enjoying the program. He loves completing the activities and proudly shows his progress by placing letter stickers on the included Scholarville poster. It’s neat to hear him practicing his letter sounds and the modeled motions even when we’re not working on the program. The simple activities have helped him to generalize the lessons across our regular day-to-day life.



Pre K Scholars has been a wonderful learning addition to our household! I can’t believe that children are expected to already know their letters before they enter Kindergarten these days, but I know that we’ll be prepared!



The concept is fun. There is a town full of people to get to know! I don’t have anything negative to say about this product—your child will benefit greatly from this program, whether you plan to homeschool or not. If you are looking for something for your youngest learners, I suggest you give preK Scholars a try.



I would definitely recommend the Pre K Scholars Kindergarten Readiness program as an alternative to preschool or even as a supplement to preschool if you feel like your child might need extra work or is curious to learn more. In a homeschool environment, this product would be fantastic. It"s organized in lesson plans already making it easy to work your way through the education.



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Five stars on amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars Kids LOVE it!

By Sabrina | May 3, 2011 on amazon.com

Pre K Scholar is a totally fun, interactive, great way for kids to learn. The prep they get for Kindergarten is a huge boost to their knowledge and confidence. Our eldest absolutely loved the program and now our younger son is following in his footsteps. A huge thank you to Amy for creating such an awesome program!!

This review is about the Kindergarten Readiness Kit Core Curriculum DVD

Five stars on amazon.com

Amazing Resource

by Annie K. | April 19, 2011 on amazon.com

As a mother of a four year old, former third grade teacher and current substitute I can honestly say I have seen my share of fantastic curriculum. However, I have never been quite as impressed as I am with the Pre K Scholars Kindergarten Readiness Kit. This fun filled DVD has everything a parent or teacher needs. There are fun, interactive lessons that meet and even exceed the state standards with little or no time prep required. This kit was developed to help 3-6 year olds develop skills in phonics, early reading, language arts, science, math, fine motor skills and handwriting. Not to mention it makes learning fun.....I love this program and recommend it to everyone.

This review is about the Kindergarten Readiness Kit Core Curriculum DVD

Five stars on amazon.com

My kids loved it!

by JHess | April 4, 2011 on amazon.com

I had both my children, a boy & girl, do the program before entering Kindergarten and I cannot say enough great things about PreK Scholars. The tasks, games, art, writing, and reading are all done in a fun way for kids to enjoy learning. My daughter was ahead of my son in her learning, but the program was able to accommodate both learning levels and speed. It was so great to have an organized, pre-planned schedule for teaching the kids. I would highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to get their child "ahead" of the game. Even if your child is ready for school, the program can only be beneficial. Good luck!!

This review is about the Kindergarten Readiness Kit Core Curriculum DVD

Five stars on amazon.com

A Parent/Teacher's dream come true!

by JulieJL "jlarner" | April 4, 2011 on amazon.com

I have been a teacher/educator for 15+ years and this is truly one of the most well organized, comprehensive and easy to implement programs that I have ever come across. I have been teaching Pre K Scholars for 4 years now, and feel so good about the quality of the program that I am able to share with my students. My students and their parents are thrilled with the way that Pre K Scholars makes the road to literacy fun! I agree with the other reviewers who applauded the program's focus on fine motor development, phonemic awareness, and letter/sound recognition. One thing that really sets this program apart from the rest is that it goes even further to include science and early math activities! From a teacher's perspective, this really is a dream come true. It is all right here on this beautifully illustrated interactive DVD!

From a parent's perspective, I am so glad that I had found this program when my own son was preparing to enter Kindergarten. His is an active boy and the hands-on, multi-sensory activities really made the learning fun for him and held his attention. He loved his journey through Schollarville and meeting all of the characters just as much as my other students. If you are a parent who is looking to make sure that your preschooler is kindergarten ready, this DVD will help you and your child get there! And you'll have a lot of fun along the way!

This review is about the Kindergarten Readiness Kit Core Curriculum DVD

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