Preschool Curriculum DVD
  • Preschool Curriculum DVD
  • Preschool Curriculum DVD
  • Preschool Curriculum DVD

Preschool Curriculum DVD


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Kindergarten Readiness Kit DVD (for computer use only)

It’s all here—on one fun, award-winning DVD. Twenty-two innovative, animated, interactive, phonics-based lessons that collectively meet or exceed state standards for kindergarten preparation—and so much more! This preschool curriculum, licensed for homeschoolers or single classroom use, makes learning a joy for parents and child. Twenty-six multicultural Scholarville characters like Addy the Acrobat introduce themselves and teach concepts that begin with their letter. For example, Addy introduces “Adding” and “Address.” Because characters introduce concepts as well as letters and sounds, the course does not follow the order of the alphabet, A, B, C… Instead we introduce letters based on the ease of sound acquisition and the difficulty of the concepts introduced by that letter, easiest first. Nanako the Nice Neighbor teaches Numbers so we introduce her before Addy the Acrobat who teaches Adding and Address. This approach avoids rote memorization of the alphabet and focuses and reinforces each letter in a unique way.

150 + printable lessons covering:

Printable Materials
  • Phonics
  • Fine motor skill development—print as many practice sheets as you need
  • Language arts
  • Early reading
  • Numbers and Math—print as many practice sheets as you need
  • Handwriting—print as many practice sheets as you need
  • Science

52 animated Phonics Cards for letter-sound acquisition

Phonics Cards

130 Guessing Game cards for beginning sounds

Guessing Game

Detailed instructions such as:

  • Getting started: Tips for Parents
  • Master supplies lists
  • Letter cutting and gluing
  • How to hold a pencil
  • How to hold scissors
  • Comprehensive lists of children’s books to read for each letter

Watch the DVD course introduction to enhance your understanding of our preschool curriculum:

Orientation Video for the Kindergarten Readiness Kit

Click here to try the first lesson

Own a smartphone or tablet? We have produced an award winning companion app, Phonics Fun & Games.

Alternative: You could buy a phonics program and a numbers and math program and a fine motor skill development booklet and a preschool science project and an early reading program and a handwriting numbers and letters booklet. But which subject do you introduce first? How do you coordinate them? Which lesson today? Which lesson tomorrow? Have you covered all the state requirements? When the practice booklets are used up, buy more (instead of printing more sheets). We think our approach both makes more sense and is more economical.