If you knew the requirements for kindergarten readiness, you could buy a phonics program, a numbers and math program, a fine motor skill development booklet, a preschool science project, an early reading program and a handwriting numbers and letters booklet. You would then have the material to be covered. But which subject do you introduce first? How do you coordinate them? Which lesson today? Which lesson tomorrow? When the booklets are filled in, you could buy more in order to have more practice sheets.


You could purchase our DVD and start with the first fun lesson and proceed at a comfortable pace to the last. You would have the peace of mind of knowing that the lessons were developed by a kindergarten teacher, that the core concepts are introduced in a logical order, that the curriculum meets or exceeds state standards and that you can print as many practice sheets as you need.

What Parents of Preschoolers May Not Know

  • Today’s kindergarten is yesterday’s first grade. A child must be prepared to thrive.
  • 50% of children entering kindergarten are not prepared.
  • More than one-third of middle class children and more than one-quarter of upper-middle class children do not know the alphabet.
  • Children who entered kindergarten proficient across all readiness skills performed significantly better than other students on standardized English and math tests in third, fourth and fifth grades.
  • Many preschools do not offer a comprehensive kindergarten readiness curriculum